Japanese Pottery With Sophisticated Naturalness

Japanese Pottery can be both rustic and elegant, defining your style as both natural and sophisticated. Pottery from Echizen is some of the greatest quality pottery in Japan.

Echizen is the old name for Fukui prefecture, which is just north of Kyoto on the Japan Sea. Fukui has established a pottery village that gathers various potters to live there and create there.

This is my wife Satomi's hometown in Fukui prefecture, and whenever we visit, we stop by the potter's places to see what their latest works of rustic Japanese pottery are. We always try to negotiate a good price, but overall Echizen ware is on the higher end of Japanese pottery.

We have come to respect these artists and the time and dedication that they put forth in creating each and every work of art. However, combined with my wife's and my sense of artistic style and what we think you would enjoy we handpick every work of art that we bring to you. My wife Satomi was born and raised in Fukui, therefore we periodically visit and search out the best works of art for the best price we can.

This Echizen pottery tradition began in the late Heian period (794-1185). The majority of styles are made from clay that is rich in iron, which gives it a darker, reddish-brown color.

This rustic look is the quintessence of what they call wabi-sabi in Japanese, which is a concept of perfection within imperfection and impermanence. The beauty stems from so-called accidents that occur during the firing, when a myriad of colors can emerge to form a one-of-a-kind natural art piece. They are left in their natural form without glazing or polishing the exterior. The artists ultimately determine the price of their artwork, but we see it as our job to find the best or most interesting within a wide variety of price ranges.

My family and I have enjoyed walking around the outdoor art park as well as participating in their hands on workshop. Needless to say, appreciating beautiful natural works of art and creating them are not always the same. The Pottery Park is definitely a place you should add to your travel plans if you are in the area. There is a lot to see and do as well.

We have tried the hands on workshops they offer and I've come to realize that although I am an artist, I lean more towards the painting and music side of the arts. It has taken awhile but have reached the level of being able to sell these items to you. Similarly, our deep appreciation for Japanese pottery and aesthetics gives us confidence that we can select the very best pieces for you.

We hope we could share with you some of the simplistic beauty of Echizen pottery. The high degrees at which the kilns are set make for only a few successful pieces with an in interesting color pattern to emerge. The serene simplicity which stems from the convergence of mother nature and an artist's creativity is unparalleled. To gain an appreciation for the rustic Japanese pottery of the Echizen area, you should definitely add Fukui to your list of travel destinations.

If you are interested in seeing examples of this type of natural and sophisticated Japanese pottery you can visit Serene Gardens.
Joshua M. Smith, PhD., is the owner of Grand Island Serene Gardens, a website and store dedicated to both traditional and contemporary Japanese gardening, culture, and art. He received his PhD in Japan at Osaka University and researches various areas of Japanese culture, such as Japanese music and Japanese gardens.

Some Movie Casting Tips

It is very important for aspiring performers to participate in as many good stage productions as possible. Not only will the experience be noteworthy on your resume as prior experience, but it will also get you noticed. It does not necessarily have to be high budget productions, but could be college, community or Equity-waiver or showcase-code productions. Showcase code or equity-waver productions is a legal term in the entertainment field, used for shows performed in theaters having ninety-nine seats or less. Union membership is not required purpose of these productions is not necessarily to get paid for performances, but to practice and showcase your craft. They offer a great opportunity to be seen by agents and casting directors.

Some acting schools and workshops showcase their students periodically, and it can serve aspiring performers well, since coaches and mentors may have contacts with agents and casting directors. The best choice with the most potential, could be a professional showcase. Screen Actors Guild (SAG) offers these showcases for their members. Some well known and reputable theaters that will present about 15 three-minute scenes during the lunch hour in industry people will normally invited. The audience is valuable to performers, because it gives industry personnel the chance to see new talent in a very short time.

A word of caution, is that you should not attempt to participate in such showcase until you are confident in your abilities or until your have reach or approaching the professional level. These showcases can be costly, and they operate on the premise of auditioning prospective participants first. You must be an accomplished actor with some credentials to be accepted. The showcases are undirected and you are on your own. The scene that you select should be one which you feel you can master.

    * Keep the scene within the allotted three minutes, which should be more than enough time to show your ability.
    * Get straight to the point in the scene that calls for the strongest reaction. Grab the viewer as early as possible.
    * Avoid heavy dramatic scenes. Short upbeat scenes will be better at catching attention.
    * Find something relatively new and unknown.
    * Select a character suitable with your personality, and within your are range.
    * Avoid stretching to demonstrate range,do a scene in which you can be comfortable and have fun.

If you are struggling in the beginning of your career, it can be the best time to develop and promote your personae. Postcards and headshots must be sent repeatedly, as well as a continuous search for casting calls. The business is extremely competitive, but the more contact you make, the greater your opportunities.

Casting For Movies Becomes Easier

Casting directors and industry personnel constantly seek new talent. Countless hours of entertainment and other productions need a continual supply of new talent. It is the job of the casting director to find the talent and match it with the roles or characters that are needed.

A service that everyone in the industry uses is IMDb which stands for Internet Movie Database. Every actor who has ever worked is listed in the IMDb. You can see a complete resume of the actors and details of all the work she has done, including films, stage and Television work. The IMDb is actually an open source directory, where the content is created by users.With a subscription to the Pro version, you can find out who represents the actor along with the contact information. Having easy access to valuable contact information gives casting directors a tremendous advantage,as it allows them to contact noted actors who they think might be suitable to portray some envisioned characters.

For the aspiring performer, it can be a vital part of the arsenal, as you are allowed to build a personal profile, upload a demo reel, and include a detailed resume along with a headshot of yourself. Anyone looking for work in the entertainment industry can browse the casting calls and thousands of jobs openings that are published regularly. The database now contains over 80,000 people and over thirty thousand key companies involved in entertainment. It also contains an enormous list of scheduled release dates of TV, film and movie projects.
The IMDb is a plethora of information in one location, that can simply the job of casting for movies.

Casting for movies is mission critical as it must be done efficiently. The process may be arduous and getting the right person will involve some legwork. The first place to start may be by calling the agents. Agents are there to represent and negotiate contracts for the actors. They will collect the actor's payment for a commission. Most agents will not consider a project for a client until they have read the screenplay, along with a written offer. Often the offer will not be presented to the client if the agent does not think it is right. Casting directors may also contact other casting directors for suggestions on players for specific roles, but it is normally the director or producer who makes the final decision on cast.

A casting ad is similar to job classified ad, but instead of looking for an office position, the position seeks an actor with experience, ho qualifies for a specific role. Ads can be placed on job boards at theatre companies and there are periodicals devoted to scouting talent.

The information age in which we live, makes searching for and finding information, even in the movie industry much more efficient.

Why Comedians Are Such A Popular Type Of Corporate Entertainment

When a hosting a corporate event, nothing livens the crowd more than a comedian. Because a corporate event will consist of educated people who are intelligent and have professional mannerisms, hiring a corporate comedian that delivers clean comedy that makes people laugh and will appeal to the attendees sense of humor making the event more memorable. Comedians specializing in corporate events have become a popular type of corporate entertainment and they have been growing in demand.

There many reasons why comedians are such a popular type of corporate entertainment. For a corporate event that has a major emphasis on business issues, they provide a fun break from the serious issues discussed and gives attendees a chance to have a few laughs. They help brighten up the atmosphere and give attendees a chance to get in a great mood. When attendees get a break from the tedious nature of an event focused on corporate issues and have a good laugh, they will get refreshed and will be better able to return to the event with a clear mind and new focus. Comedians offer business managers a fun way to set the whole mood for a corporate event.

When you hire a comedian that specializes in corporate events, you will not have to worry about making arrangements for such things as accommodating a large group of entertainers such a band, lighting, sound systems, etc. A good comedian can handle the tasks to prepare for the show so you can focus on other areas of the event. When a comedian takes the stage, he or she takes command and gets the audience laughing and having a great time. Comedians help keep the audience engaged so they do not drift off in their own thoughts. They help keep the audience alert and focused which is what organizers of all corporate events want in order to ensure a successful event.

Comedians for a corporate event provide non offensive and humorous perspectives on a wide range of current events, topics, and incidents. They will speak with understanding of the type of business audience he or she is performing in front of. In addition, they may try to integrate the comedic content with some of the overall messages of the event. Basically, they provide a clean performance that will not offend any of the attendees. Comedians are professionals and will work with event organizers to deliver the right performance that properly entertains the audience.

One of the best ways to get a professional comedian that knows how to properly perform in front of corporate guests is to book through an entertainment talent agency. Entertainment talent agencies have experience booking talent for a wide range of events and will know the right comedian to hire for a corporate event. It will make finding and booking the right comedian easy and fast. All that you have to do is provide all of the details about your event and type of guests attending, and the talent agency will find a comedian that best meets your needs to ensure a successful event. The agency will provide a comedian that performs a clean non-offensive act that impresses your attendees. Most importantly, by using an entertainment talent agency, you will get a comedian that will help your guests relax, regain their focus, and have a great laugh.

Bespoke Tin Design

Bespoke tin design is a process in which both the tin dealer and the company that wants to have a metal container for their own product work in tandem to achieve the right tin design. There is a sequence of steps that happens throughout the bespoke design process. This process starts with choosing the right shape of the metal. In this stage both the customer, who is looking an attractive container for their finished product and tin dealer will discuss regarding the shape of the tin container and also the overall height of the tin container. The overall height of the container is dependent on the height of the finished product that gets packed in the tin container.

After getting the shape and the height specification for the tin container, the dealer will then get in to the act of producing the tin container. After the completion of a couple of tin containers based on the specifications provided by the client, they will then get the input regarding the image or the design that will be imprinted on top of the container. This image will be provided in the form of an image file that will be sent in the form of a soft copy to the dealer. The tin dealer will then take a printout of this image file and then cut it properly so that the design properly fits the container.

The next stage is the proofing process. During this stage the imprinted design on the metal will be inspected by the customer for it appearance and clarity of the picture. If they are not satisfied with the required output they will ask the dealer to come out with another sample. Once they are satisfied they will ask the tin dealer to go ahead with the mass production of all the tin metals with bespoke designed imprints.

Once the proofing process is completed, the manufacturing of the tin container will start and all the required metal containers will be manufactured as per the specifications provided by the customer. During the manufacturing process, the manufacturers will also have their staff perform the inspection of the manufactured metal. The inspection staff will measure the height of the tin container and also check whether the shape matches with the customer's requirement. This whole process of manufacturing the container of the correct shape and height will take around 4 weeks to complete.

Buying Original Artwork From the Comfort of Your Own Home

You don't have to be an art expert or a millionaire to have original artwork in your home or office. What's more, you don't need to trail around countless art galleries either!

There are now over 20,000 web sites selling artwork around the world and whether the artist is established or newly emerging, there is a wealth of fabulous artwork just waiting to be bought.

When you go online you can just sit back, put your feet up and relax. Browse the internet galleries and simply choose something that you like. As Henry David Thoreau once said,
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"

    * Start small and slowly build up your own private collection. Original art collections are filled with pleasure and enjoyment for their owners, regardless of the value or size. "The object of art is not to reproduce reality but to create a reality of the same intensity" (Alberto Giacometti).

Remember everyone buys art for a different reason.

    * It could be for investment. In recent years, art investment has provided a better return than some stock market investments, however, as with any investment; you must be prepared to do your homework! High quality pieces with good provenance can make for good long-term investments.

    * It could be for a gift for someone special or simply for you.

    * It may be part of your new, interior design makeover! Many artists are willing to 'paint to order' with a superb range of commission work available to suit your d├ęcor and colour scheme.

So really you need to ask yourself what you want from art.

    * How much space do you have available?

    * Is this a one-off purchase for fun or are you thinking further ahead?

These days, original artwork is accessible, affordable and sometimes downright cheap!

In fact, it's very sad that so many brilliant artists have to turn to other careers to make a living.

Well now that you have established why you want to buy the artwork, you need to establish how!

As I have mentioned, there are lots of sites out there but finding a reliable site to buy your artwork safely can be a bit of a minefield. A reliable site will always be able to verify the originality of the artwork.

By original, I mean: there is only one, signed copy or an authenticity certificate/statement where signing the work is not possible. For example, some sculpture cannot easily be signed.

It is worth noting that most websites offer only paintings whilst some offer all styles of 'artwork'. Not just paintings in various media but also sculpture, photography and fine ink drawings! Remember that 'art' is not just about paintings.

In the case of limited edition prints or photography the works should be signed and numbered as well so that you know the extent of the collection.

It is helpful to remember that photography can be a very affordable alternative to paintings and again, there is an enormous range of styles and subjects.

Sculpture can be wood, stone, clay, metal or all of these things. Some exceptional sculptors could carve you a set of works in each of these materials following the same subject matter if you wish.

With all that in mind, decide what your budget is. Good, original artwork can start at as little as £50. That doesn't make it any less valuable as a piece of work and from the point of view of investments; the only way is up!

And finally; what if you don't like the work when it arrives? Send it back! That is one of the benefits of credit card payments or PayPal. Provided there has been no damage a good site owner will allow you to return the item as with any other purchase.

Always pay by credit card. This gives you a level of protection from your bank or payment service. Certain sites will allow you to pay a small deposit to reserve the work and then arrange full payment later.

Online art sites make original artwork available to a wider audience and give more artists the opportunity to show their work. That's got to be a good thing hasn't it?

Modeling Needs of Today

There are so many different forms of media and entertainment today and they can almost tell you how to live your life with how they advertise and market what they want you to do. Most companies know the influence of the media and they more often than not try to use the media to their advantage.

Everyone Needs Models

From TV, prints, commercial and billboards, brands will post their products on these forms of media so that you will easily spot what they have to offer. They are also able to make you want what they have to offer with the way they make their products more attractive and most of the time, it involves that use of a model.

Modeling is something that has grown so much lately the past few years because there are more and more people who look great on the camera. Even those who do not look that good at all but have the physical assets that are needed can learn how to become a model. Editing photos and adding special effects are some of the techniques that people can use today that were not available in the past..

Physical Traits

This is one reason why it is much easier to find models these days. Being a model is a tough task because most companies are looking for people who have certain physical traits that might be needed for their campaign. Blue jean companies might want someone with long and slim legs while an underwear brand might look for someone who has abs to attract more people with their ads. This does not mean that the average person cannot be a model because if you really want to learn how to become a model, there are many more opportunities awaiting you.

Model Types

Modeling is not just for TV commercials and runways. There's also print modeling where people's height will not matter and this will give a person who is much shorter but has the looks to be the model. Runway modeling is much harder because agencies are more strict about the physical gifts of the person.

Go That Extra Mile

You can always try to find the best parts of your body and send a portfolio of yourself and maybe you will be considered for brands that might be looking for what you have to offer. You can also learn how to become a model by practicing walking and posing, having more discipline and knowing how to act like a model if you plan to be doing runway modeling.

Mathematica Indica

Sanskrit poets used Elemental Numbers in their poems. As eyes are 2, two represents eyes. As the Vedas are four, four represents the Vedas. Netra Netra ( eyes, eyes ) means 22 and Veda Veda means 44.

Here we give the correspondence between numbers and the Elements

1 Earth, Moon
2 Eyes, hands, feet, ears
3 Worlds, trinitarian unity, three yogas, three vedas.
4 Vedas
5 Sense organs.
6 Rithus or the six seasons.
7 Rishies
8 Directions, eightfold prosperity
9 Digits, numbers
0 Ether

10 Ego and its ten heads.
11 Rudras
12 Months, Zodiacal Signs
13 Universe
14 Vidyas, Manus
15 Lunations, thidhis
16 King
17 Athushti
18 Treatises astronomical, mythological
19 Athi Dhruthi
20 Nails
21 Uthkruthi
22 Akrithi
23 Vikruthi
24 Gayathri
25 Principles
27 Constellations
33 Deities

The digits for the letters are written, counting from right to left

For example,


Bham = Stars = 27
Nandan = 9
Agni = 3

Bhanandagni = 3927

Known as Paral Sankhya, the Alpha Numeric System was developed by Vararuchi. It is also known as Katapayadi, as 1 represents the letters Ka, Ta, Pa and Ya, whose corresponding digit is 1.

Number Letters

1 ka ta pa ya
2 kha tta pha ra
3 hu da bha la
4 gha da ba va
5 nga na ma sha
6 cha tha sha
7 chha dha sa
8 ja dha ha
9 jha ddha
0 nja na ksha

The Value of Kaa ki ku ke and ko was 1

31 was represented by Kala

Kala is ka + la = 31 ( The digits are counted from the right )and 351 by Kamala

Kamala = ka + ma + la = 351

Ganitha Kerala, the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths, has given a lot of names for big numbers.

Like the Western

Myriad = 10^4
Million = 10^6

Indian names are

Shata = 10^2
Sahasra = 10^3
Ayutha = 10^4
Laksha = 10^5
Dasa Laksha = 10^6 ( Million )
Koti = 10^7
Dasa Koti = 10^8
Vrinda = 10^9
Kharva = 10^10
Nikharva = 10^11
Mahapadma = 10^12
Mahakharva = 10^13
Padma = 10^14

In the Western, we have

Million = 1000^2
Billion = 1000^3
Trillion = 1000^4


Nillion = 1000^(n+1) Where n is the number. Tri meaning 3 and trillion = 1000^(3+1)!

There are greater numbers, than the ones mentioned below.

Maha Padma = 10^15
Kshoni = 10^16
Parardha = 10^17
Sankha = 10^18
Maha Sankha = 10^19
Kshithi = 10^20
Maha Kshiti = 10^21
Kshobha = 10^22
Maha Kshobha = 10^23

Neethi Lamba = 10^27
Sarva Bala = 10^45
Thallakshana = 10^83

"By one more than the one before" - A sutra of Vedic Maths Ekadhikena Purvecha is Sanskrit for

"One more than the previous one". This sutra can be used for multiplying or dividing algorithms.

You can use this formula to compute the squares of numbers.

For example.

35×35 = ((3×3)+3),25 = 12,25 and 125×125 = ((12×12)+12),25 = 156,25

By the sutra, multiply "by one more than the previous one."

35×35 = ((3×4),25 = 12,25 and 125×125 = ((12×13),25 = 156,25

How To Rent HD Movies Without Leaving Your Couch

Not that long ago, the only way you could rent movies was to go to the local video store, spend about an hour walking around looking at the shelves to see if you could find some movies you may like and then hope they were available when you got to the counter. Once you've watched the movies, you had to worry about getting them back to the store on time to avoid late fees. Today, the whole world has changed which means you don't even have to leave the house to rent HD movies for you and your family to enjoy.

You can rent movies without leaving your couch and there are several quick ways to do it. Below are some of the quickest and easiest ways to do it:

    * Pay Per View movies are a quick way to find great HD movie rentals. TV providers usually come out with one or two new movies each week. With PPV, there are a few drawbacks. One of the big drawbacks is that once the movie starts, you have to watch it all the way through. Unlike a DVD, you can't pause a PPV movie. Since PPVs do have fixed start times, they have to have three or four channels dedicated to one movie, which means there are only a few PPVs available at any one time.

    * One newer function that providers have come up with is Video on Demand. Not only will you have hundreds of HD movies to rent and watch any time you want but you will also have instant access to a lot of great TV shows. All the PPVs are there as well as a large selection of other movies as well. Since this is on demand video, not only can you watch the movie when you want but you can actually pause and rewind the movie just like you can with a DVD or VCR.

    * For one low price with a premium movie channel subscription, you can choose from hundreds of movies in HD every month. With so many channels in each movie package, you'll always be able to find a great movie to watch, day or night.

With so many great options available right from your living room couch, the ability to rent HD movies is a snap. You don't have to go out of the house don't have to mess with mailing DVDs back and forth and you don't have to wait to watch lots of great HD content. Watch the movies when you want, any movie you want, at any time.

The Best Way to Mix Alginate for LifeCasting

Alginate is a molding material used primarily in dentistry and in LifeCasting. We will discuss mixing alginate for LifeCasting in this article. There are a lot of ways to mix alginate. Some are better than others.

1. Mixing by Hand (literally)- Some people like to put the alginate and water into a bucket and mix it with their hand. This is the least efficient and messiest technique and generally results in the lumpiest mix. If you are very quick and strong you can mix 1-2 pounds of alginate this way in a little over a minute. You must keep mixing until the alginate smooths out. Some lumps are inevitable, but these generally will not affect the final casting.

2. Mixing in a Bag- This is the technique we use in our Hand Casting Kits. We use a heavy duty 3-mil bag to keep it from breaking during mixing. With this technique measure out your alginate into a sturdy plastic bag, pour the water directly into the bag and mix in the bag by rubbing the bag against a table or counter top. This works better for thinnish mixes as for a hand cast. It is pretty efficient and very neat, but there are a couple of things you MUST do to make this technique work:

First, you must have a flat table available. The actual mixing in this method consists of kneading, mashing, smashing and generally vigorous rubbing of the alginate mix THROUGH the bag. A flat tabletop really helps.

Second, after the water goes into the bag, you've got to get most of the air out of the bag before you start mixing. This means that you've got to push down on the bag, pinch the bag closed right at the top of the alginate/water mix, then grip the bag right at the top. Grip it really tight then start the general Mashing, Smashing and Rubbing. You need to be able to flatten the bag out on your table without too much extra air in the bag so you can work out the dry lumps in the alginate as efficiently as possible. Again, don't worry about a few lumps in the mix. They very rarely affect the quality of the casting.

3. Kitchen Whisk- For a face or head cast where you are mixing less than one pound, mixing with a sturdy metal kitchen whisk is quick, efficient and effective. You can mix up 3/4 of a pound in an oversized plastic bowl in less than one minute. For larger amounts, the whisk isn't going to be strong enough to mix efficiently.

4. Power Mixing- The very best way to mix larger quantities (over about 1 1/2 pounds) of alginate is to use a power drill with a paint mixing attachment on it. They are available at any paint, home improvement or hardware store. DO NOT get the one that looks like a black hamster wheel. It is WAY too difficult to clean up afterward. The best one looks like an airplane propeller at the end of a metal shaft. It has a ring around the outside and two spiral blades attached to the ring. This one mixes very well and is fairly easy to clean. Put the alginate and water into your bucket and put the paint mixer in. Mix slowly until the water is completely mixed into the powder. Then increase the mixing speed. To avoid mixing a lot of air into the alginate, make sure that air is not being sucked down the shaft of the paint mixer attachment. If it is, reverse the direction of the drill so that alginate is coming UP the shaft and down the sides of the bucket. Very large quantities of alginate, up to about 5 pounds, can be mixed very quickly with this technique. More than about 5 pounds and you should get two drills and two buckets.

Break Into The Acting Biz

There are many actors who may only do TV commercials or soaps or radio spots. It is entirely possible to make a comfortable living doing so. While being relatively lucrative, there is also a lot of competition. Because of the advancement of technology, it's easy to that camera and voice presentations can be made almost anywhere, and the ad agencies, independent film and video production houses are still employing thousands of actors annually.

The majority of actors are employed in television commercials, which makes the landscape even more competitive. Luckily, media companies are continually casting for new talent to fill the hundreds of available roles for its productions.

The roles needed vary widely from stunt people, actors and actresses to people who can do voice-over for animated films and commercials. The process of getting an audition is a simple as searching, finding and applying for the role. It now appears that in many of the cases, the use of high priced agents may no longer be necessary. With casting calls being held nationally and internationally, you can easily submit yourself for any role that you desire and you will be contacted with further instructions.

A winning audition will require some preparation on your part. Almost all areas of life retains a competitive spirit, and much will depend on self-confidence, the assertiveness and the ability to express yourself in a public context. The experience of an audition can also be valuable throughout a lifetime, regardless of,or independent of any career choice. Avoid approaching the audition with an attitude of desperation. Most successful actors can learn to relax, in whatever apparent state or situation. It is a needed skill that should be practiced and developed throughout your career. It should be fun and the experience should be cherished.

Depending on the role, and the type of audition, there may be different approaches and requirements. Here a some rules that should be followed.

    * Be on time and bring along a headshot and a resume.

    * Singers should be prepared to sing contrasting vocal styles, and do the very best in telling a story through the words and music. You may also be asked to learn additional material.

    * Actors can be given one minute to do a comedy monologue. They may also be asked to improvise, or read additional material.

    * Musicians should bring their own instruments, and demonstrate technical, lyrical, and improvisational skills in three short selections. The opportunity is provided to display showmanship in addition to your proficiency. Remember, this is show business.

    * Dancers, character performers and look-alikes are also asked to demonstrate proficiency in specific skills.

    * To be credible as a performer requires that you develop some discipline in your preparations. A lot of time and investment of your self in practice routines will more than likely result in your audition reflecting the best of your abilities. Your approach of self-confidence and purpose can result in a call-back than can possibly launch your career as an actor.

Thinking of the audition as a chance to show your skills can increase your chance of success.

Open casting calls are held regularly across the country, and provides aspiring performers with opportunities to find work. Visit http://castingcallsfor.com/ to find out more about casting calls that are published regularly.

Finding The Right Canon Rebel Lens - Regular Zoom Lenses

It may sound like a basic task to locate a Canon Rebel Lens, however as soon as you begin your quest, you will find that there are way too many alternatives. The selection is not by any means easy.

Be aware that the original lens you get does not have to be the one that is bundled with the camera. That "kit lens" is a fairly good product, to be sure, however, if you think ahead toward your ultimate photography goal, and use some patience, you can skip the bundle and go for the camera body separately from the glass. Most experts will agree that the glass you put on the front of your digital SLR is as important as the camera itself.

Thinking about focal lengths, virtually all buyers start with a standard zoom rather than a single focus lens. It makes sense to have some flexibility in focal length unless you know exactly which prime focal length is perfect for your type of photography. But that is rarely the case, especially when it comes to selecting a Canon Rebel lens, since a high percentage of buyers are making their first digital SLR purchase.

Criteria for buying a Canon Rebel lens:

*Zoom Range - Standard zoom lenses are not really standard. Standard does mean that there is a minimum focal length and a maximum focal length. For a Rebel, a good minimum focal length is about 18-24mm. For a maximum, standard is 55-85mm. If you stick within these numbers, you will get a nice zoom range that will take care of all your "normal" photographic needs.

*Aperture - for an average price selection, you will normally be faced with a variable aperture. This means that the aperture changes as the focal length increases. This has a negative effect on shutter speed, meaning that your shutter needs to be open longer to get enough light to the sensor for the proper exposure. The best choices are the ones with a constant aperture of f/2.8 throughout the focal range. Of course, this increases the cost of the lens.

*Build Quality - Plastic is cheap. It looks cheap and it feels cheap. That does not mean that plastic lenses take poor photos, in fact, many folks buy cheap and are quite satisfied with the results. When you get lenses made with good quality materials, the price necessarily rises, however, better built equipment lasts much longer and takes more abuse.

*EF-S or EF - The difference here is which camera the lens will work on. The good news for Rebel owners is that ANY Canon product (and even off-brand products made for Canon) will work on your Canon Rebel. The EF-S models are made specifically for cameras such as the Rebel and other crop sensor cameras up to and including the Canon 7D. However, if you intend to upgrade to a full frame digital SLR camera, you should think about sticking to the EF models, since they will work on all digital SLRs in the Canon lineup.

Making the right Canon Rebel Lens choice has not gotten any easier over the years. The technology of cameras has improved, but so has the technology for the lenses. The best advice is to examine your needs in light of the type of photos you plan to shoot along with your future goals and your budget.

Always buy the best Canon Rebel lens your money can buy. Unlike the camera bodies, lenses are not upgraded as often. If you buy good glass for your present camera model, it will stay with you for a long time, no matter how many camera upgrades you go through.

Simple Tips in Starting a Track Layout

When trying to figure out how to layout some train tracks, always remember there are things to consider so that the layout will be flawless. To make sure that the tracks work perfectly and that you get what you were envisioning, you should do some things in the proper sequence.

A layout always starts with the first step which is planning. Planning entails you think about what you have and what you do not have. In this step, making a list and reviewing it often helps you to stay on track and find alternatives to your ambitious train track layout.

One special thing to consider during this process is the space considerations. You can't design a track layout that simply won't fit the area you have available. This is a point blank, no brainer point to consider but most people still do forget about the space they have.

Then comes designing the track. In the design phase, a modeler must be able to figure out if the track he plans to build is going to be workable. In this sense, try to make sure the track shape is one that will enable you to let the trains turn around. This is probably the benchmark of workability for model trains.

Also in the designing phase, you will be able to list down what you will and will not use. Which portion of the track goes where and what else to use in case the tracks you do have wont fit the design.

The design phase is very important as it will be the primary phase where you will be able to identify what is it that you need to buy off the shops. Identifying your requirements will make the layout a lot easier to do.

In cases that you have a tight budget for the track layout, make use of what you have. Although the track you may create will not be exactly what you dreamed of but you still may create something great. Just keep using your imagination and creativity and be resourceful. Try to find something that will ultimately give you that satisfaction in the layout you just made.

While in the process of planning and designing, knowing what type of track to use is also a consideration to take note of. Basically, there are two kinds of track, sectional and flextrack. Sectional is the rigid, strong and durable track while flextrack is the reshapeable one. Some railroaders do suggest to use sectional tracks for beginners as they are less-skilled and will probably just end up wasting the track away if they use Flextrack. For those with experience however, a flextrack may be used to help them get what they really want the track to look like.

One good idea though, regardless of being a newbie or skilled hobbyist, try practicing first on some of your friends tracks to make sure you get the feel for both. After which, decide and go buy the track you need.

Generally, the best way to go when designing a train track is to go for simplicity. You may have just portions of complexity but don't overdo it. A track doesn't have to be complex to be great, it just needs to make sense. A simple track design also enables you to actually complete it sooner and then build on it as time goes by.

Model railroads are meant to be an investment so starting small and growing your track is a good decision in any case. Take baby steps and you will get to the design you dream of. Take giant steps and sooner or later, see yourself tumble.

What Do You Need to Know About Audio Book Rental?

Audio books were introduced back then in 1932 in America. Since then they have been gaining repute as for teaching the blind, teaching the young ones and other kids of school age to increase their comprehension. With the increasing popularity of iPods and mp3 players, audio titles have become extensively popular at present.

In order to facilitate people to the maximum, audio titles are now available online. They can either be rented out or purchased. Audio book rental began somewhere around in the seventies when audio novels gained more popularity than paperback books.

Audio book rental is pretty much like a DVD rental. The procedure is simple and easy. As you rent a DVD, you pay the price monthly or weekly. Similarly for an audio title, you will have to pay the fee monthly. You'll have the liberty to rent one to three audio novels at a time. Audio book rental online does not charge any overtime dues and there're no deal times. Once you're done listening to one audio title, you can return it in that pre-paid envelope and receive the next one. Sometimes, because of delay due to shipping and courier, you might just have to wait for some extra time. To save yourself from wasting time and to avoid shipping and courier delays, you can opt for the two-at-a-time plan. This plan will be more practical for avid listeners. Once you've returned the first book, you can listen to the second. Meanwhile the third book would reach you soon. In this way you will save time and will be able to listen to the audio novels in continuation. Audio book rental is highly suitable for those are keen audio book listeners.

Audio book rental charges may vary from company to company. For this you need to do a good amount of homework and hunt for the best deals on the internet. Some other things you should keep in mind are the duration for which the books would be lent and of course the charges. Check a book or two on trial basis before renting. Make your best choice and then place your order for renting as various websites have various selections of audio titles. Keep all these points in mind before renting an audio novel online.

Some websites however provide free audio titles for downloading. You can download audio title from several resellers. Audio novels are available in mp3, wma, playaway and certain other formats. You need to know which media player suits yourself and get one. The choice as to purchasing, renting or downloading the audio title is up to you. You will have to make the decision according to your need, whether you will use the service for the long run or just for once. In addition, audio novels available for download are usually less expensive than those recorded on CDs.

If you are an international listener, it is best for you to join an audio book downloading site. You would be able to download audio novels anytime and anywhere. If you are done listening to one, you can instantly download another without paying for shipping charge.

How to Dress Up a Casual T-Shirt

Many people falsely believe that t-shirts are only for casual wear or lounging around the house. However, the truth of the matter is that you can easily dress up your casual t-shirt with a few simple tips. Use these tips to give your outfit that special edge.

Choosing Trousers or Jeans
One way to really dress up this look is to wear really nice trousers or jeans. The trick is not to choose a relaxed fit or a straight leg because the look won't seem pulled together and can even look frumpy. You want to choose jeans that have a slim fit that really accentuate your curves and hug your body. The tailored look of these jeans or trousers can make t-shirts look more fashionable. You can even choose trousers or jeans that have a bit of a flair at the bottom or are boot-cut. Also, choose pants and trousers in dark colours to make a grand statement.

Pairing with a Cardigan
Another tip is to wear a cardigan. You have a lot of options here. You will need to study your t-shirts to choose one in an appropriate colour. To really accentuate the colour, pair it with a cardigan in an opposing colour. Try pairing your pink shirt with a crisp, white cardigan or even a lime green cardigan. You want the colours you wear to pop. You have lots of style choices when you wear a cardigan. You can make your look frilly and girly by choosing a cardigan with extensive beadwork or embellishments. You can make your look edgy and fun by choosing a cardigan in a wild animal print.

Deciding on Shoes
Don't forget to choose your shoes wisely. You definitely don't want to wear your athletic shoes because that can really dress down the look. Instead, you want to pair your outfit with shoes that give a dressier feeling. For example, you can wear a pair of cute flats with your outfit. You can even add a pop of colour to your outfit with your shoes. Another alternative is to wear boots with a tall heel to dress up your outfit.

After you choose the perfect shoes, then it is time to think about how a jacket can pull your whole look together. A black leather jacket can be edgy and contemporary. A brown suede jacket can look classy and elegant. The trick is to choose a jacket that will complement the t-shirt you are wearing while elevating the style of your outfit. Dress up your look by choosing a stylish jacket.

A final way to dress up your casual t-shirts is to wear your best jewellery. Don't be afraid to pair your gorgeous gold necklace or diamond earrings with your outfit. More formal pieces actually work well with t-shirts.

5 Top Tips on How to Find Good Local Sweepstakes

Finding good local sweepstakes may be a lot easier than you think. And this article will cover the basics. This article is short & sweet.

- Tourism Bureaus

Pretty much every city (even small towns) have some kind of Tourism Bureau. Frequently they also list the local museums, art galleries, comedy clubs and so forth. Many times -- these venues will have some kind of sweepstakes to get/attract more visitors. So you should look into it -- and you might be surprised at what you find.

- Movie Theatres

Small and large movie theatres quite frequency have some kind of sweepstakes. So many times you can sign up for a 'points' card -- and get a couple free tickets at the same time. And then on top of that -- enter the sweepstakes to win MORE tickets! So definitely a win-win situation!

- Concert Halls & Sports Arenas

These venues frequently have some kinds of sweepstakes running. Many times you can just do a google search for "your city + arena", visit the website, and see what sweepstakes you can find. Very cool way to score some free tickets, and take a date out! (Or your husband/wife!)

- Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls almost ALWAYS have some kind of shopping spree going on. Easiest way is to phone the mall (look up in your phonebook), and ask them if they have any special promotions going on this month. On top of that -- quite frequently there will be vendors within the mall (ESPECIALLY Christmas time!) offering some kind of sweepstakes. (I.e., win a car, win a gift bag, etc, etc!) So definitely worth checking out!

- Schools

If you have children, most likely your school will be running some kind of 'contest'. (Ok, maybe not a 'sweepstakes', but still some kind of contest!) They might have a PTA drive for who can sell the most cheese for the kids (for some kind of trip), or something along those lines... and the winner wins some kind of cool prize. (Even I participated in that kind of stuff as a kid, and won some cool things!:)) So definitely worth checking out! So... you can spend more time with your children AND win some awesome prizes!


Anyways, that is about it for now! I hope you enjoyed this 'newsletter' format! This article is short & sweet, & to the point. Apply the tips mentioned above and you can start increasing your chances of winning some cool local sweepstakes!

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